Why worry about the maintenance of your pavement?
An un-maintained parking lot is unattractive and uninviting.
It is the first thing your clients see when they arrive at your
business. Just as the personal image that you present to your clients on
a one on one basis inevitably influences the confidence that
your client places with you, so does the image presented by
your surroundings, yes even the pavement speaks to your client. An
un-maintained parking lot can lead to safety issues
and property damage which can lead to costly repairs.

The Good News…
… is that with proper maintenance you can avoid these kinds
of issues and costly procedures such as overlays or complete
removal and replacement and extend the life of your existing
pavement. Proper maintenance can save you thousands of
dollars over the life of your pavement.

APAC wants to be your asphalt sealcoating and repair specialists.

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